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T H E F I R S T T H R E E D AY S Epic Go Live Rounding observations from Joanne Conroy, MD, CEO of Lahey Hospital & Medical Center March 28 — Go Live Day 1 9 a.m. Saturday, March 28; 4 hours after Go Live Make Today Epic Well we did it! We went live with Epic a little later than planned …closer to 5 a.m. than 3 a.m., but within our window. There were a few bumps but those were prioritized and critical ones were solved quickly. A big thank you to the many colleagues (nurses, pharmacists and many others) who stayed long after their shifts to reconcile medication lists and orders. Also thank you to the implementation teams that stayed here all night and ate hundreds of pieces of pizza while anticipating and solving problems. A few things you probably don't know about the Go Live (and we couldn't be prouder of our team's response): • We started our first surgical case around 3 a.m., before the Go Live. The anesthesia team quickly discovered some technical challenges, i.e. manually entering the values that were not automatically transferred from their devices. But, the patient did well and we learned a lot from our first Epic case. • Over 1,500 new computers and more than 400 WOWs were deployed throughout the hospital and ambulatory clinics in preparation for the Go Live. • GIM invited 20 patients to come to be seen in Urgent Care on Saturday so they could have a "dry run" of their system. They quickly found some glitches in registration that Josie Wilkinson and her teams were working to correct. All in all, a great first four hours. Go Live support helping out in GIM.

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